Wednesday, December 14, 2005

14 Dec 2005

To All,

On Tuesday 13 December, while at home recovering, Cheryl's temperature spiked and we had to take her back to Madison. We were to travel there on Friday for testing and another Bone Marrow Biopsy. As such, they took this opportunity to perform all the testing on Tuesday and not make us come back on Friday. Once they completed the blood draws, X-Ray's and Bone Marrow Biopsy on Tuesday they sent us home and said they would contact us with any results. Note - the X-Ray's showed a dramatic improvement on the Pneumonia - very good news.

On Wednesday, 14 December, the doctor called and had me bring Cheryl back to be admitted into the hospital, due to the fact that she has an infection in her blood. They were able to identify it and the only antibiotic they could administer was via Intra-veineous (IV). They will keep her for the next 36 - 48 hours to stableize, then send her home. Once home, Home Health will come and teach me how to hook up this same IV solution / antibiotic and will allow her to recover from home. No news as yet, on her Bone Marrow biopsy.

Her room phone number is 608-###-####. I am certain that she could use a friendly call to pick her up, as she is currently at the hospital alone. I needed to come back to work to get some urgent business taken care of.

Regards and God Bless

Gene, Cheryl and Family

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