Sunday, October 30, 2005

30 Oct 2005

To All,

Praise GOD!!! Cheryl's fever has finally broken and her temperature is back to normal.

It was a very rough night for Cheryl, around 2am she was in great pain and short of breath, higher fever peaking over 103. The only way she was able to stand the pain was to sit up on the edge of her bed with her head resting on the hospital tray/stand. This is how I found her when I arrived at 1PM today.

The doctors and the nurses were working her over trying to isolate the issue and around 4pm finally figured out the cause. She has a virus on her heart, where the tissue on her heart is inflamed and thus fluids built up in the sack around her heart, Pericarditis is the proper medical term. They gave her some more medicines for this plus something to kill the pain (morphine), and about two hours later her fever broke.

She is still having trouble breathing, they put her on oxygen as her intake was very low. They also gave her more blood products today, platelets and blood.

She is very weak, physically, but her spirit is very strong.

Thank you for all your prayers regarding her fever. God has answered the prayers of the faithful.

Much Love and Thanks

Gene & Cheryl

Saturday, October 29, 2005

29 Oct 2005

To All,

We were blessed Thursday by a visit from Pastor Bob and Pat (Senior Pastor from our church). It was great to have them share and pray with and for us.

The hospital nurses are starting to get jealous of Cheryl and all the mail she is getting here at the hospital. Some of them say she gets more mail in one day than they get in a year. The cards and notes of inspiration are wonderful. Thank you for the shower of encouragment.

We ask now that you would focus your prayers on the following issues for Cheryl and the Cummins family in general:

1. Cheryl has never lost her fever and in fact it spikes up and down all the time. The staff haven't figured out what the cause is and/or the correct treatment to stop it.

2. She has developed some type of red / pink rash on her head and upper body that is painful and spreading. They are not certain what is the cause and are trying to find a cure for this as well.

3. Her blood has yet to start rebuilding on it's own and they are still giving her whole blood and plattelets. They have started her on a growth factor called - Sargramostim - which is supposed to help this. Please pray that it does.

4. Our relationship with our children. They are struggling to see our love for them as Gene is focusing most of his attention on attending Cheryl's side. We are fortunate to have Cheryl's parents here now (they follow on after a visit by her sister). They plan to stay for a while and it is a great help.

Thank you for your continued prayer, cards, phone calls, words of encouragement and more.

Love in Christ

Gene and Cheryl

Thursday, October 27, 2005

27 Oct 2005

To All,

Cheryl has been receiving many wonderful cards and today she had visits from four ladies from church and three ladies from the dance company. Thank you all so much.


They completed the testing from her second bone marrow biopsy, subsequent to the chemotherapy, and determined that it appears clean (which means her cancer is now in remission). End of phase I and begining of Phase II.

Praise God!!!!

They will now give her stimulants to start building her health up by increasing: White blood cells, red blood cells and platelettes. Once these reach an acceptable level, they will discharge her for a period of time to recoup and rebuild from home.

Once she has reach a certain point (yet to be defined) she will come back to the hospital for the Stem Cell transplant, which, God willing, will be a cure and not just remission. This is Phase III. In this phase she will go through one possibly two more treatements of Chemotherapy.

At the present time she is very weak, but the visits help cheer her up.

If you are thinking of coming to visit her, please check to make sure you are not sick or haven't been and please limit your visits to approx. 1/2 hour, God is still working on restoring her health.

Even I was quarantined from seeing her for two days while I got over a sinus infection and now I must wear a mask to see her.

Again, thank you for all the cards and gifts.


Gene & Cheryl Cummins

Monday, October 24, 2005

24 Oct 2005

To All,

Cheryl finished the last of the Chemotherapy at 2025 on Saturday 22 OCT. She has been very weak and her immune system is non-existent. They didn't perform the Bone Marrow Biopsy today, they are planning on doing it on Wednesday. We will not have the results until around Friday.

Sunday night was a bit rough for her, her temperature spiked and she has an infection. as of 1644 Monday 24 OCT they had pumped approximatly 4 units of blood into her as her blood preasure is very low.

Just and FYI:

If the bone Marrow Biopsy is good then she will move to phase II - rebuilding her immune and blood systems. Part of phase III is the stem cell transplant which she has been approved for. In phase III they will harvest some of her stem cells for the transplant, re-administer a heavier dose of Chemotherapy than the first time and then proceed with the transplant.

If her bone marrow biopsy isn't clear then they will repeat phase I; 7 more days of chemotherapy then on to phase II.

As of now, 2007 Monday 24 OCT, she is carrying a low grade fever and has eaten something of her last two meals. She is still very tired.

You should see her room, it has cards from lots of people pinned/ taped and/or standing all over. She has a whole wall of childrens cards from Awana and she just got a bunch from the 2nd & 3rd grade Sunday School students, not to mention all those from freinds and family. What a joy it brings to Cheryl and really all of the family.

The whole church body, my work and Emily's dance school have reached out to help us and it is wonderful.

Even the church youth group, gave us gas cards and McDonald coupons for our travels (I promise to pay these back if we win the McDonalds Monopoly).

We welcome visitors. However, if you are sick or just getting over being sick, please wait to come see her until you are completly healed.

Will write more as we know more. Please keep the prayers going that will be the strongest tool to Cheryl's healing.



Thursday, October 20, 2005

20 Oct 2005

Hello all,
Gene built this list so I am not sure who all "made the list" If you want to be left off the list just e-mail and I'll have Gene take your name off.

It is day 4 of the chemo thereapy, all that means is that bag number 4 has been started as an iv I have three more. After the 7 have run their course then I will have another bone morrow biopsy-yes they are extremely painful, but now being clued in about the drugs, I will definately be sedated for the next one. The Dr. said the biopsy on Mon the 24th, tested to see that it is clear of anything, leukemia, blood cells etc. The Chemo isn't smart just strong, it kills the good with the bad. Depending what the biopsy shows I may be in for another 7 day Chemo, or they will begin building up my own blood cells. It is truly a wait and see story.

Meanwhile i am feeling well, I actually feel better than I had before I came in here-go figure they are pumping my body with poision and i feel better. I need to rest at night better, although I did rest well last night. I am tired this morning and had a little feeling of nausea, but the medicine took care of that.

I don't have much of an appetite, but maybe that will change when Sandy bings the See's candy.

The kids are doing as well as can be expected. They want to be up here more,and still maintain their regular schedules, which is wise, but with it being an hour drive Gene doesn't want to bring than up stay awhile and run them back home so they can get to dance. We will have to figure something out.

I was fitted for a wig for when I lose my hair, haven't lost a significant amount yet. I don't know what is wrong this place thaty had no Ronald McDonald wigs so I had to settle for something different. Hope it's as cute as a Ronnie wig.

Well, I am going to try to get this sent. I am not too great with the computer but see how this goes