Saturday, January 28, 2006

28 Jan 2006

Hello to All,

Today is Saturday, 28 January and Cheryl is recieving what is hoped to be her final Chemotherapy treatment. The schedule has allowed her one day of rest, Sunday, before hopping into the Full Body Radiation treatment.

The following is Cheryl's room address and phone number, incase you are inclined to send cards, call and/or visit:

Address -
UW Hospital

Madison, WI 53705

Room Phone number -
(608) ###-####

If you would like to visit please check with either Cheryl by phone or with me on my cell phone (608) ###-####. Also, we will let you all know if she is up to recieving visitors, via the e-mails.

Her room has a wonderful North view of Lake Mendota and the surronding shoreline. Cheryl's sister is due in from Colorado on Monday. Things appear to be going as planned.

God Bless All

Gene & Cheryl

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