Tuesday, December 12, 2006

12 Dec 2006


I have been home a little over a week and it is great. I feel so much better just being home with my children!

Things are progressing as the doctors would want, they performed a DNA test last week to determine the percentage of my DNA versus my sisters (THE DONOR) DNA in my body. On Monday we got the test results back and the results were greater than 95% was my sisters DNA, praise God!! Even thought we have been here before, I am still excited about this result.

My body has not started producing it's own cells yet, as a result of all of the chemotherapy, and as such I go to Madison clinic three times a week for transfusions. I get platelets every time and about every third time blood. It seems that it is taking longer and longer for my body to recover. My immune system is still compromised and with low platelets I bruise easy and still get bloody noses. I just have to be very careful what I do at home and else where.

I am excited to be home with my family for Christmas!! I have started my own therapy by making holiday treats - candy, cookies ect. I am just thankful to be able to do this. I am also thankful to be able to get out and go to church on Sunday, even though I have to sit in the balcony and wear my mask. It is great to get to see all of you.

I am open to having visitors at the house, but I must ask that if you want to come over please call first and if you are sick or been around those who are sick please wait until all is well. My bodies resistance is still very low.

I know that there is no way I can truly thank all of you for the help and prayers that you have provided for me and my family, but I do want to express my deepest thank you. I would not be as far as I am today with out all of your wonderful assistance.

For those of you who are still praying for my family and I please continue with the following requests:
* Praise to God for letting me come home to be with my children!
* Praise to God for keeping me out of the hospital more than I have been!
* Praise to God for all of you who continue to support me in one form or another!
* Praise to God for the healing that has already taken place!
* Praise to God for the strength he provides me daily to continue on!
* Pray that my body would recover enough that I won't need to go to Madison as often, that I will begin to produce my own White, Red blood cells and platelets.
* Pray that God will continue to provide me with strength to face each day with a renewed will to continue the fight and believe in a cure.
* Pray for my family as I know it has been difficult for them as well.
* Pray that through all of this I can be the witness that God would desire no matter the outcome.

I hope and pray that all of you will have a glorious Christmas celebration, remembering the reason, Christ our Lord.
Love in Christ
Cheryl and Family

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