Friday, December 1, 2006

1 Dec 2006


Praise GOD!!! After 41 days of living in Minneapolis away from our family and friends, I GET TO COME HOME!!!!!!!

My visit to the clinic today was exciting. The doctor said that he personally looked at the Bone Marrow biopsy sample and liked what he saw, a lot of new cell growth. He said that he was confident that my body would start building blood cells / platelets on its own very soon.

My care is being transferred back to Madison for the daily / weekly clinic visits (timing still to be determined). My Minnesota doctor requires me to return on my two / three / six month and one year anniversary. As long as I get to live at home with my children I can handle coming back here on those times.

Saturday morning Gene and I are packing up and driving back to South Beloit to my children and friends.

Please pray for safe travel and continued healing. I look forward to seeing many of you again.

Love in Christ

Cheryl & Family

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