Tuesday, November 22, 2005

22 Nov 2005

To All,

Well, the past week has been a bit rough for Cheryl. However, the prayer and kindness of those around us has made a significant difference in our morale. THANKYOU one and ALL!!!

Cheryl will be finishing up round two of Chemotheropy around noon on Wednesday and Michael and I will rescue this damsel in destress and wisk her off to our sanctuary in South Beloit. She will be home for Thanksgiving, HurraH!! Oh, will she be in for a surprise as Emily and I are going to cook the Turkey Dinner. This will definatly be a holiday to remember.

Well, back to the update regarding Cheryl, assuming she survives mine and Emily's cooking, the future is as yet unsure, we know the following:

1. She will no longer be able to donate her own stem cells

2. They will look to donors with-in her brothers and sisters (bountiful harvest - 5 total - thank God!!)

3. She will need to go Madison two maybe three days a week for the next 2 or 3 weeks for bloodwork....and possibly more.

4. The next seven to ten days following thanksgiving will be a time she needs to be careful about visitors and if / when she goes out. This will be a time when her imune system will be at it's lowest.

Many of you have been helping us through prayer, acts and kindly and timely gifts. Many of you are still asking what we need and how you can help. I promised you I would let you know and now here is a way if you have the time;

As pointed out in item three above, Cheryl needs to make two or more trips to Madison during the week for follow ups, such as lab work, blood samples ect. There is a possibility these days could end up being rather long, especially if they decide she needs to be given blood packs, plattelets ect, some of this must happen on the spot, some may be scheduled for the next day.

I need to get back to work as such, we are looking to see if anyone has the time to drive Cheryl up to Madison for her appointments. We don't have a set schedule yet and some of these may end up as last minute appointments, but anyone who could assist us in driving her up, we would be very greatful. (Of course you would drive our car and we would pay for the Gas).

If you belive you could help us please let us know via this e-mail or by calling us after Thanksgiving at our home number of 815-624-0572.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support through this long process, we intend to stay the course and look to GOD as our strength in these times.

Love in Christ

Gene, Cheryl, Emily and Michael Cummins

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