Thursday, November 3, 2005

3 Nov 2005

To All,

We are rejoicing today.....Cheryl will get to go home on Saturday 5 NOV 05!!!!!!!

Her white blood cells are high enough that she can rest and rebuild at home now, preparing for round two of her Chemotherapy.

I missed the Doctor this morning, but according to Cheryl the doctor is going to send her home for approximatly 2 weeks to rebuild her health. (please note there are no hard and fast dates for any of this as it will depend on her body and healing).

After her body rebuilds to a certain level then they will bring her back in for round two of three of Chemotherapy (the last two are more potent than the first one).

We are all very excited to have her back home, even if it is for a short time.

Cheryl had lost enough of her hair that she allowed them to shave what was remaining off today. It is a very strange feeling for her.

I will tell you more as soon as we know more.

Love in Christ

Gene & Cheryl

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