Wednesday, November 30, 2005

30 Nov 2005

To All,

Well, Cheryl and the rest of the family survived Thanksgiving and the fact that Gene and Emily cooked the Bird. It was real nice having Cheryl home, she came home on 23 Nov 05 as soon as she finished with round two of her Chemotherapy. On Friday, 25 Nov 05, she was able to see the Dress Rehersal of the Nutcracker Ballet performance that Emily and Michael were in. Normally this is a closed rehersal, but due to her circumstances, the dance company made an exception, Cheryl had the whole theater of seats to choose from (this really boosted her moral).

On Friday Cheryl also started giving herself injections of growth factor, used to stimulate bone marrow growth. This injection has made her bones and joints hurt, which is what we were told would happen.

Monday, 28 Nov 05, I took Cheryl to her scheduled Clinic / Doctor visit where she received three units of blood and one of plattlets, then we came home. On Tuesday, 29 Nov 05, around noon Cheryl's temperature spiked to where she had to call in to the Doctor. They then had me bring her back up right away. She is now admitted into the hospital where the Doctor is working to reduce her fever, increase her White / Red blood cells and Plattlets.

Currently, her platttlets are only about 9% of the lowest acceptable level and her White blood cells are only about 2% of the lowest acceptable level. She has recieved another 2 units of blood and 4 units of platelets as of admission. At the present time, we are uncertain of how long she will be in her.

We would like to thank our CHURCH Family for all the wonderful support we have recieved, you all are so generous and wonderful. Many are praying daily for Cheryl, the kids and me and we feel Gods blessings. In addition, we had several people call and offer their time and vehicles to shuttle Cheryl to her clinic visits, as of now that is on hold, but we will be back in touch with you. Also, many of you have provided food, cards and other motivating support.

We would also like to thank those of you not in the Church, but part of our Family and Freinds that have continued to support us with meals, cards, rides for the Kids to various functions and your prayers. All these things are coveted and warmly recieved.

Right now I would ask that you continue to pray that God will allow Cheryl to get well enough to come home and eventually be cured of this cancer.

I will be sending out updates (shorter in the future).

May God bless each and everyone of you in a special way

Love in Christ

Gene & Cheryl

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