Wednesday, March 22, 2006

22 Mar 2006

Dear friends and family,

Greetings on this bright sunny day. I am enjoying the warmer days when they come, I can get out and walk around the block. On a good day I can make it 3 times! We had an appointment with the Dr. yesterday. Good news! More DNA tests are back and more than 95% of the DNA is my sisters. The Dr. is really pleased. I am still dizzy, the Dr. still doesn't have a solution. They tested my thyroid and adrenal gland, tested me for dehydration, for strep throat since Michael came down with strep throat Sat. Praise the Lord no one else in the family got it. My tests all came out negative! So, we changed some more of the medications for this week. I am no longer having to have hydration by iv. I am a little disappointed that the dizziness hasn't gone, but I have to think back to where I was 4 weeks ago and how much stronger I am now. It is definately a long process. I have 40-50% of my bone marrow back at this point. It can take 6-12 months before it is totally restored. I am learning patience, or at least trying to learn. God's timing and mine are definately not the same. The whole humility thing is a learning process. You truly learn humility when you have to have help just getting in the shower in the morning. Not being able to fix meals is another lesson in humility. Learning the way you always did something is not the only way it can be done. Really?! Well, I am off to take a walk while the sun is shinning.
Please pray for a solution to the dizziness, praise that the blood tests are looking terriffic!

Thanks for praying,


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