Friday, April 14, 2006

14 Apr 2006

To All,

To date, there have been many very positive signs that the Leukemia is in remission and Cheryl is receiving Gods blessing in healing from this cancer. This progress hasn't been without personal struggles for Cheryl.

Last Friday, 7 April, she blacked out twice, once where she was caught off guard and actually fell, hitting her head on the door knob and also biting a hole in her lip. The second time she caught herself and grabbed a hold of the door, when she came out of the black out she was still standing very weak and shaking. It was after these that she called me home from my Army National Guard training time to be with her.

The other area she has been struggling is been with continued weight loss. The Doctors want this to stop.

Thursday we went to clinic again, with the main purpose of removing her hickman. As a reminder the hickman is a series of tubes that were inserted into her chest and then into a main vein leading directly to the heart. After trying several different medication combinations new and old, the doctors have concluded, or at least hope, that the hickman is the root cause for all of Cheryl's dizzy / black out spells. Thus, on Thursday they removed it. It is to early to say for certain if this has helped, we are praying that this will put an end to her dizzy spells.

Her spirit has remained high and steadfastly focused on the Lord.

We also discovered that Cheryl had gained two pounds. This to was good news.

Please continue to pray that:

1. Removing the hickman will also remove her dizzy / black out spells.
2. That her weight now stabilize and remain no lower than her current level.
3. That in the coming week she is able to resume some of the responsibilities of running a busy household (this is her desire).
4. That her vision would begin to clear so that she can resume driving and reading.

Thank you for your continued support in prayers, meals, cards and visits.

May God Bless you and your family during the Easter Holiday

Gene and Cheryl

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