Monday, May 15, 2006

15 May 2006

Dear friends and family.

Happy 100 days. Yesterday was 100 days since the transplant. It marks a real milestone. I can eat all the fresh fruit and vegetables I want to, before fresh broccoli, strawberries and things that you couldn't get real clean were on the do not eat list. THe milestone also means I get to have a bone marrow biopsy Tuesday the 16th. Pray that the biopsy would come out leukemia free. We won't know the results for 3-5 days. The DNA results take longer, about 2-3 weeks. I alsoo don't have to wear my mask as much. Prais the Lord. It is not real comfortable. I am feeling okay. I tire easily and don't feel as I have much strength. We walk a mile and a half everyday-well everyday that it isn't raining. I am not sleeping well at night. Maybe I need to walk farther so I get really tired.

I have been doing the laundry and fixing meals. I haven't had a helper for about 3 weeks now. I am not as dizzy. I get a little dizzy if I get up to fast but not to the extent that I was. I have been sewing, it can be done sitting down and I really love to sew. I can even drive! I have only been able to drive for about 2 weeks now. I asked about gardening. She said if I got these special tight fitting masks(I thought the other ones were bad) and if I wear gloves and wear a big hat to keep the sun off and wear sunscreen I could. I think I will wait until next year. THe risk is just not worth it. I am no longer on a steroid. I was on it to see if it would help regulate my blood pressure, I was eating everything in sight, it also gave me some energy, so when she took me off them I has some really strange things going on my legs ached, of course I had puffy cheeks and you gain weight at the base of you neck on your back while you are on them. NOw I have no appetite, I do eat at meals because I know I have to but pray that it will become easier to eat. Everything tastes salty, even watermelon. Well that is the latest, Oh, pray for Emily she has bronchitis and her eyes have been bothering her for about 6 weeks, Today we went to an eye Dr. and I think this may be the cure. While this is going on she isn't supposed to get too close to me, she can be in the same room but not hug and kiss and snuggle, it is a struggle for both of us. Thank you all for praying, thanks for the delicious meals that have been brought to our house and thanks for the cards that have been sent. They are so encouraging.

In Christ,


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