Friday, September 8, 2006

8 Sep 2006

To All,

I am now working on day 15 of this hospital stay. God blessed me with one night and day without a fever (night of Sept 6th and Sept 7th). Unfortunately, the fevers came back again at 2 AM Sept 8th.

They have started me back on the Nupigen injections. Nupigen is a shot given in the stomach which is used to stimulate bone marrow / Stem Cell growth. They want to see my body start producing it's own cells and get me off of blood and platelet transfusions.

Tonight is Michael's birthday party, it will be the first time I have ever missed his birthday, with God's will it will be the only time.

It will be a great "guy's" party, Order pizza then chase it with lots of sugary cake and ice cream, then have a sleepover-Dad's night for sure.

I feel pretty good most of the time, the fevers wear you out,but I have plenty of time to sleep.

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention that in trying to figure out what was wrong with me (i.e. the cause of the fevers) they did another Bone Marrow Biopsy on 5 Sept. Results came back showing no infection in the Bone Marrow (Another of God's many blessings) and no signs of cancer. The collective group of Doctors concluded that the fevers are most likely caused by one of three things:
1. Allergic reaction to one of the Antibiotics they have me on - they will start switching them around.
2. A virus that has yet to be detected - they will do more testing to try and verify / eliminate this as a possibility.
3. An antibody left over from the Chemotherapy drug that is still working within my bone marrow doing it's job, which could go on for another couple of weeks.

That's all from here in Madison - home of the Badgers.

May God bless you all

Cheryl and family

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