Tuesday, September 5, 2006

5 Sep 2006

To All,

Here it is Tuesday - 05 September and I am still in the hospital (going on my 12th day for this session). Thanks to your many faithful prayers I made it through the Chemotherapy without a scratch, however I am stuck here like a derailed train, due to the never ending fevers.

The fevers started out as a bacterial infection in my blood - great they identified them and with the right antibiotic killed them - no more bacterial infection. Yea!!!!

However the fevers still didn't stop. As of today, I think they have checked every inch of my body humanly possible to look for clues as to why the fevers are hanging on to this body of mine. They did another bone marrow biopsy - only this time to look for an infection of some nature hiding in my bone marrow. They got this idea, I think, from the Doctors from the Infectious Disease. I am starting to believe my brother and sister when they say I am just a mutant.

I do know one thing, that this stay has been one of the hardest for me, Monday I even yelled at the Doctors that I want to go home and be with my children. The Lord saw fit to allow those doctors / nurses to treat me with compassion even after a bad day. Today, I was more like my old self - don't get me wrong I want nothing better than to be able to leave this place and go home to my two lovely children whom I miss very much.

However, I realize that until they are able to solve the puzzle of my fevers I would just end up coming back here in short order.

Please pray for us in the following areas:

1. Praise his name that he made the last Chemotherapy session go by so smooth

2. That God would allow the doctors to discover and cure the source of my fevers

3. Or - that he would provide devine intervention and take this illness away.

4. Praise him for the wonderful children he has given to me - that they have been strong enough to carry on.

5. Praise him for all the wonderful people that call, write, visit and perform acts of kindness and mercy for my family.

May God have mercy and blessing on you and your families

Gene & Cheryl Cummins

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