Sunday, April 1, 2007

1 Apr 2007

To All,

I have now been home for a week and three glorious days. I enjoy being around my children and in my own house so much.

I am very thankful for my time at home, but I pray that I can get off this roller coaster ride soon. I have one good day and then one or two bad days - with continuation of the diarrhea and abdominal pain almost every day.

Gene takes me to clinic on Monday's and Thursday's and with everything I have to get done at clinic - transfusions of stem cells, platelets, magnesium, Ifleximax, the days can be very long. However I still get to come home.

The good Lord continues to give me reason to praise his name and rejoice. I am continually thankful for:

  • My sister Sandy (aka "The Donor") and her girls - they came all the way from Denver, Colorado to visit me last week - what joy they bring to my heart - her girls are four and seven.
  • My children who continue to stay focused on doing well in school and helping keep up with things at home.
  • The men, women and children at my church, in my community, at Gene's work and those across the country who pray for me and my family daily.
  • The fact that I can rise to greet the sun each day and seek to serve the Lord one more time.
  • All those people that take time out of their lives to donate blood and blood products. I am proof that without them I would not be here.
  • The generosity of all my friends and family. Almost everyday I receive wonderful cards and e-mails that continue to encourage me to face the fight with courage.

Gene and I are approached very often now by many of you in our family / community inquiring about ways that you can help us, beyond praying. I am so thankful to know that if my family or I have a need, that is beyond our ability, that through God's loving kindness and mercy all I need to do is ask and he will work his miracles through you and your loving giving hearts.

Oh yes, I was reminded that on the last e-mail I sent out, the day I was getting out of the hospital, I made a mistake. It seems that I said I was in the hospital for 3 weeks and 3 days, when in reality it was 4 weeks and three days. I guess I was just so excited about going home I lost count.

For Ever Faithful

Love in Christ


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