Thursday, April 19, 2007

19 Apr 2007

To All,

On Monday, 16 April, I was released from the hospital and got home around 6 PM, Praise God!!!!! They put my pic line back in prior to releasing me and sent me home with two new medicines, an antibiotic and a pill with pancreatic enzymes (the latter is to help me absorb the food I eat to help me begin to heal...I believe it is doing some good).

I am now on a regimen of several medicines throughout the day. I believe the most I take at one time is in the morning, something like 17 pills / capsules.

On Tuesday I had to go back to clinic and was to have another bone marrow biopsy. However, as sometimes happens, the doctor was busier than she planned and as a result the bone marrow biopsy was post-poned until this coming Friday. This is the biopsy for my 6 month follow-up post transplant.

I would like to ask, once again, for a concerted effort in prayer on Friday. If everyone that receives this e-mail would take a few minutes from their day and stop and pray for me and the results from the bone marrow biopsy. I would like prayer that the findings would show that the cancer is in remission, that my body has started to produce more of the required blood cells and that I am either healing properly or that I am healed miraculously.

In addition, I would like prayer in the following areas:
  • Praise that I was able to go home so quickly this last hospital stay - it is my shortest stay on record
  • Praise that I am starting to feel better, still very weak, but I believe I am improving
  • Praise for all of you that have faithfully continued to pray for me and my family
  • Pray for my physical strength to return - On Wednesday, I fell in my driveway and received a rather ominous black-eye. Fortunately the neighbors found me and helped me to get up, I am to weak to pick myself up off the ground. Gene said that he has had plenty of shiners, but never one as big and black as mine....but that is his story.

Many of you have expressed the desire to help in a tangible way and I appreciate that very much. After much thinking I offer a few suggestions listed below:

  • Gas cards to help offset the expense of driving to clinic twice a week
  • Meals two or three times a week for a short period
  • If needed maybe help with weeding the gardens or other lawn work - I could visit with someone while they do this
  • Just come visit me while I can't get out, I miss all of you so much. (Please come only if you are not sick and haven't been around someone who is sick)

I continue to look to God for answers and fully believe that if it is His will that I be healed by a miracle it will happen. However, if it is Gods will that I bear this heavy burden longer, then I know that it is by His strength that I will survive.

Love in Christ


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