Wednesday, June 20, 2007

20 Jun 2007

To All,

Praise God I have now been home with my family for a full 40 days with out being hospitalized. The time with them has been glorious.

As most of you know, when I did come home, one of the requirements was for Gene to hire a Certified Nursing Assistant. Well, as of Monday, 18 June, I no longer required full time adult supervision / support during the day. This is due to the fact that my strength has slowly, but steadily improving. I even have a hint of muscle in my calf.

Thank you for all your prayers and support in countless ways. I firmly believe that God is present in all of this and always has been.

Well, on Tuesday, 19 June, I went to clinic and as expected I needed platelets and in addition, two units of whole red blood. Unfortunately, we came across some disturbing lab results. The lab work indicated that the cancer is back. In order for them to confirm or deny this I had to go back to clinic on Wednesday for a wonderful "Bone Marrow Biopsy".

The lab / blood work today was again an even stronger support, that the cancer is coming back. The White blood cell type, called "Blasts" that is an indicator of the cancer, was 248 on Tuesday and today was over 1,000 = normal is "0" - zero.

Also, on Tuesday the doctor said that they were fairly certain that the cancer was back and to be totally frank, they aren't sure they have anything left in their bag of tricks to help me fight this.

We have just told Emily and will be telling Michael this weekend, he is away at camp this week (I sure hope he is having fun).

Please believe me when I say that I still believe in Gods healing power and saving grace. I don't know what he has planned for me or my family. I pray that he will heal me in full, as I really don't like the idea of leaving my children...I still have so much to teach them. That being said, I also believe strongly in the devine will of God. As such, I ask you to pray now:
  • That I be healed through the power of God, if it be his will.
  • That no matter the out come, my children continue to love and serve the Lord.
  • Finally that all Glory and Honor go to the Lord God Almighty.

Love In Christ


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