Thursday, October 27, 2005

27 Oct 2005

To All,

Cheryl has been receiving many wonderful cards and today she had visits from four ladies from church and three ladies from the dance company. Thank you all so much.


They completed the testing from her second bone marrow biopsy, subsequent to the chemotherapy, and determined that it appears clean (which means her cancer is now in remission). End of phase I and begining of Phase II.

Praise God!!!!

They will now give her stimulants to start building her health up by increasing: White blood cells, red blood cells and platelettes. Once these reach an acceptable level, they will discharge her for a period of time to recoup and rebuild from home.

Once she has reach a certain point (yet to be defined) she will come back to the hospital for the Stem Cell transplant, which, God willing, will be a cure and not just remission. This is Phase III. In this phase she will go through one possibly two more treatements of Chemotherapy.

At the present time she is very weak, but the visits help cheer her up.

If you are thinking of coming to visit her, please check to make sure you are not sick or haven't been and please limit your visits to approx. 1/2 hour, God is still working on restoring her health.

Even I was quarantined from seeing her for two days while I got over a sinus infection and now I must wear a mask to see her.

Again, thank you for all the cards and gifts.


Gene & Cheryl Cummins

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