Saturday, October 29, 2005

29 Oct 2005

To All,

We were blessed Thursday by a visit from Pastor Bob and Pat (Senior Pastor from our church). It was great to have them share and pray with and for us.

The hospital nurses are starting to get jealous of Cheryl and all the mail she is getting here at the hospital. Some of them say she gets more mail in one day than they get in a year. The cards and notes of inspiration are wonderful. Thank you for the shower of encouragment.

We ask now that you would focus your prayers on the following issues for Cheryl and the Cummins family in general:

1. Cheryl has never lost her fever and in fact it spikes up and down all the time. The staff haven't figured out what the cause is and/or the correct treatment to stop it.

2. She has developed some type of red / pink rash on her head and upper body that is painful and spreading. They are not certain what is the cause and are trying to find a cure for this as well.

3. Her blood has yet to start rebuilding on it's own and they are still giving her whole blood and plattelets. They have started her on a growth factor called - Sargramostim - which is supposed to help this. Please pray that it does.

4. Our relationship with our children. They are struggling to see our love for them as Gene is focusing most of his attention on attending Cheryl's side. We are fortunate to have Cheryl's parents here now (they follow on after a visit by her sister). They plan to stay for a while and it is a great help.

Thank you for your continued prayer, cards, phone calls, words of encouragement and more.

Love in Christ

Gene and Cheryl

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