Sunday, October 30, 2005

30 Oct 2005

To All,

Praise GOD!!! Cheryl's fever has finally broken and her temperature is back to normal.

It was a very rough night for Cheryl, around 2am she was in great pain and short of breath, higher fever peaking over 103. The only way she was able to stand the pain was to sit up on the edge of her bed with her head resting on the hospital tray/stand. This is how I found her when I arrived at 1PM today.

The doctors and the nurses were working her over trying to isolate the issue and around 4pm finally figured out the cause. She has a virus on her heart, where the tissue on her heart is inflamed and thus fluids built up in the sack around her heart, Pericarditis is the proper medical term. They gave her some more medicines for this plus something to kill the pain (morphine), and about two hours later her fever broke.

She is still having trouble breathing, they put her on oxygen as her intake was very low. They also gave her more blood products today, platelets and blood.

She is very weak, physically, but her spirit is very strong.

Thank you for all your prayers regarding her fever. God has answered the prayers of the faithful.

Much Love and Thanks

Gene & Cheryl

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