Friday, July 21, 2006

21 Jul 2006

To All,

The update is that I got my pic line right away yesterday, in the past I have had to wait several days and then once they take you down for the procedure you wait at least another half hour. I got right in this time. The great thing about the pic line it is the stick once and for all, they don't have to stick you again or so the theory goes.

On the way to the hospital I got a terrible pain in my right arm, It continued to get worse so about 10:30 p.m. they walked me down to ultrasound and found a blood clot in my arm. So they started me on blood thinners, A shot that burns when given I might add. Okay, I don't have many platelets, the stuff that makes your blood clot, but I have a blood clot in my arm, no wonder my sister and brother call me the mutant.

Oh, now I am on steroids to help with the chemo which also helps with the appetite. This type of steroid also causes your blood sugar to rise, which results in drug induced diabetes, and so I get more shots, of insulin ( this problem is supposed to be temporary - when I stop taking the steroid the diabetes will go away). The fun just goes on and on.

One correction to the last e-mail. The chemo-therapy drug of choice is called Cytarabine, which is a high concentrate long lasting formula. So, with this type I only get IV's at 10 AM and 10 PM that run for 3 hours at a time. This will go on through next Tuesday, 25 July. Gene say's I don't have a toxic glow yet, but I know my hair will fall out again.

I am trying to remain positive as the Lord once again will carry us through all this.

Please Pray:
1. this is the final, ultimate, complete, no more treatments, cure
2. Strength for Gene as he is at my bedside constantly
3. for Emily, in Milwaukee, that she will stay focused for the last week and performance
4. For Michael, we will have things for him to do so the time passes quickly
5. Strength to endure yet another round

Cheryl, Gene and Family

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