Thursday, July 27, 2006

27 Jul 2006


Greetings from home. It is so good to be home. I came home Tues. after the last chemo was finished, there was some discussion about what to do with me, I have developed a blood clot in the arm with the picc line in it (now I have one in each arm - a matched set). It presents a problem in that they have to keep the blood thinned to try to dissolve the clot while keeping platelettes high enough that I don't bleed.
Oh, by the way I give myself the blood thinner shot in the stomach and yes it does sting, twice a day. As long as there are no signs of infection or the clot moving they will try to keep the line in so they don't have to stick me so many times. I have begun to bruise really easily. The clot itself is painful, but no nausea or vomitting, just the over all tired from chemo. We go to Madison Sat. as a temp. inpatient for blood work and to possibly receive blood, then again on Monday in the clinic. Tues. they are going to do another bone marrow biopsy. This blood thing is something totally new and a bit unsettling, but God knows that.

My immune system is once again compromised so I have to wear the masks and take the extra precautions. All in all it's not too bad.

If the leukemia is in remission after the biopsy the plan is to have my sister donate the stem cells and try again. This time not suppressing my immune system as much.

Thanks to all those who are praying, for those that have done yard work and cleaned the house before I came home once again. Thanks too for having Michael over, it means so much to know he is being taken care of while Emily is away. She comes home Friday. I will be glad to see her. That is all the news I have for now. Here are some specific prayer requests:

Pray that the clot is dissolved
The leukemia will be in remission so we can proceed with the stem cell transplant
Pray for protection for our family during this stressful time.

Thanks for Praying

Cheryl for the Cummins family

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