Thursday, August 31, 2006

31 Aug 2006

To All,

Well I'm still here in Madison, Not that I want to be, in fact God and I had a little chat about my attitude this hospitial stay. It helped me immensely!!!

I keep getting fevers of over 104. They don't let you go home with fevers. So we better find a solution.

They called in the infectious diesease doctors to get their opinion of why I am having these fevers. After reviewing my chart, by this time it is about 4 inches thick, they came in and asked me a lot of questions like...
"Where I had traveled recently, that was easy to Madison and back, no camping, no being out in the woods? How about cleaning the chicken coop - uh no I'll pass on that one."

After the interview they determined it might be a drug induced fever, so for now we are going with that theory.

They did a CT scan on my lungs when I first came in and another one yesterday and the one yesterday looked much better than when I first came in. Things are looking up in some areas but I still need to get rid of the fevers. I got my pic line put back in so I can go home and have Gene administer my anti-biotic, when they let me go.

Please Pray:
No more complications
No more fevers
and That God would allow me to be home with my Children SOON!.

Thanks for your prayers, Cards, phone calls and visits.


Cheryls and the rest of the Cummins bunch

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