Friday, February 23, 2007

23 Feb 2007

Hello to All,

The last time I sent out an update was Monday and I was just going into the hospital for a few tests. Wow, what a roller coaster ride since then.

Tuesday noon was the last time I had anything to eat until Thursday evening, boy was I hungry. They did this in order to prep me for the Upper & Lower GI (Gastrointestinal or Endoscopy / Colonoscopy) that they were going to do on Wednesday 7 AM. In addition - through late Wednesday afternoon they gave me:
Two units of whole blood
4 units of platelets (one was a double)
6 units of potassium
1 gallon of lemonade flavored clean you out juice
plus numerous liters of fluid so I didn't become dehydrated
Late Wednesday, 5 PM, they completed the Upper & Lower GI - Gene has souvenir color photos. After the procedure the Gastrointestinal Doctor talked to us about what he saw - very preliminary of course. While in side, he took several biopsy / tissue samples - no word back on these yet. To date no one has come back to us with anything conclusive. However, due to some of the findings that the GI Doctor thought he saw, I got to have a CAT scan of my liver and Kidneys on Thursday evening - they prep you by, not letting you eat and shooting this dye into your veins. Praise God, those test results are back and they found nothing - trust me this is good news.
It is now Friday afternoon, I still have diarrhea (going on 10 days now) with no idea when I get to go home (my biggest longing after being fully healed). To be honest, I don't really feel good enough to be at home right now. They are trying to arrange one more test, they tell me it is painless, I will wait and see. They want to pierce the side of my neck and enter my juggler vein with this tube like knife device. From there they will cruse down the inside of my body, take a right at my liver and then snip off a tissue sample / biopsy. I can hardly wait. Unfortunately, they don't think that they can get this scheduled until Monday. Did I mention that until I know for certain, they don't want me to eat anything right now.
Right now, I feel as bad as I did on Monday. Good news, the kids came an visited me in the hospital. I miss them Soooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!! It was really good to see, touch and hug them.
To be honest, I am getting more and more discouraged, somewhat scared (when will this end and how) and very very tired.
Please pray for the following:
Praise to / for all of you Church families, friends , Gene's work pals both Kerry and Army National Guard, who have stood or kneeled by my side for the past 17 months of this journey, stepping up to fill any need I may have and beyond.
Praise for my children who have continued to love me, help me and still have as normal of childhood as possible.
Praise for the medical staff who haven't given up on me yet - I have seen it happen to others.
Praise for the experience. I wouldn't wish it on anyone else, but it has really challenged / strengthened my Christian values.
Pray that what ever happens that first and foremost - To God be the Glory.
Pray to God that I would be healed now with / without the Doctors intervention.
Pray for Gene and the Kids - that they will continue to be strong - make progress in school and work and stay positive for both themselves and me.
Pray for me that I will not become weak, mentally and lose hope.
God Bless and Love in Christ


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