Sunday, February 25, 2007

25 Feb 2007

A Chilly hello to all;

From what I can see out of my hospital window there is a great deal of snow on the ground and there is very limited visibility with high winds (I can see flags in the distance - that is how I know if it is windy).

I am tired, discouraged and somewhat scared, but I will keep this short.

Please pray for me between now and Monday evening. Right now they are preparing me for tomorrows events. Currently I have no less than four lines of fluids running into my body; platelets (which mine were back down to 3,000 this morning), pain / nausea medication, some other medicine to help fight the Graft Vs Host and some other chemical that is supposed to help my body retain platelets.

If all goes well, in the morning they will begin by piercing my neck and jugular vein and sliping in a device that can travel down and take a right into my liver and slice off a piece for a biopsy. The risk, they now say, is that patients can really bleed from this.

In addition, I hear that they are considering having me swollow this mincam (aslippinge size of a large pill?? - never saw one) so they can have it take close up shots of my entire digestive system. I will let you know when or if that happens.

Please pray that the procedure on Monday goes well and provides them with a true insight as to help me and that I don't end up bleeding to much. They are trying to increase my platelets by running several bags consecutively over a period starting at 4 PM Sunday and ending 8 AM Monday in time for the little bit of fun mentioned above.

I don't have any idea when they will let me go home yet and to be honest, I feel as bad now as I did a week ago when I first came in.

Yes, I still have stomach pain and diarrhea (going on 12 days now). Praise for the fact that I saw my children on Friday - first time since Monday.

Thank you very much for your prayers - cards - visits and phone calls.

Love in Christ


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