Wednesday, February 28, 2007

28 Feb 2007

Hello to All;

Lights, camera, action......well not exactly, what I mean to say is the doctors came in with the mini-cam "Pill" for me to swallow. If you recall this "Pill" is designed to take pictures of my digestive system (focused specifically on my small intestine). I am told it will take approx. 40,000 pictures, which will be available for review as early as Thursday afternoon. The "Pill" is yellow gold in color and is about the size of a mini tootsie roll.

As far as the past few days, they have been a real roller coaster. On Monday they did the biopsy of my liver (actually sliced off three samples of tissue). I went into this procedure with a great deal of apprehension. What a relief once it was completed and you know, it wasn't all that painful. As I had said, the big risk was me bleeding, due to low platelets. Well, after 24 hours of continuous transfusions of platelets along with an IV drug that helps your body retain platelets, my platelet count rose as high as 84,000....WOW! That was a big relief to me and the doctors performing this step.

Today, my platelets are now down to 34,000 and continuing to spiral. Not getting into to much detail, I am still plagued with diarrhea and turmoil in my abdominal region. I thought I was going to get to go home on Thursday, but the doctors don't believe that will happen. I still have more out-put than in-take, even with the IV's. Soon I hope.

I have received several phone calls and some cards (sent to my home address) and e-mails, wishing me well and full of encouragement. You will never know how much your words of hope mean to me. In addition, some people from my church have really taken the upper hand and invited the kids to dinner / play / even spending the night. This also has been a great help - as I worry about my children a great deal, and they really have enjoyed their time with others.

Still waiting on word / analysis from the liver biopsy. I will keep you posted. I am encouraged daily by the fact that all of this is for the glory of GOD. Daily I read the bible and pray for this illness to be removed, however I also pray that God's will be done. I am reminded that he will not burden me with more than I can bear and that he will never abandon me.

Please continue to:

Pray for my family that through all of this they remain strong and focused on the Lord our savior.
Pray for those in similar circumstances that don't have the strong support network of family - church - friends and even Gene's work (Kerry & Guards).
Pray for the Doctors and Nurses tending to my care that they will come to know the goodness and grace of God.
Praise for the fact that I am still here able to write to all of you, I know a few with the same illness that are not.
Pray that I get to go home soon, I miss the daily interaction with my children.
Love in Christ

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