Tuesday, March 13, 2007

13 Mar 2007

Hello To All;

Today is the first day of my fourth week in the hospital, the sun is shinning through my window warming me with expectations for a beautiful day. The nurse said it was supposed to get up to 68 degrees today.

So far there has been no real break through on my diarrhea. I have been fortunate and get a day every once in a while where it seems like it is gone. However, the next day it is back in full force. On Monday I had my second infusion of the stem cells. I really hope this helps. The doctors said that sometimes it can take weeks to get Graft Vs Host in check, even then when I go home to much stress can set it off again. They say that I might be here another week or more.

On Sunday I was blessed with a visit from my two wonderful children. It was great seeing them and holding them, as best I could. I have received several wonderful cards, telephone calls and e-mails full of encouragement, prayers and praises. Thank you one and all.

For those of you who think you may have missed some of my "Update" e-mails, you can go to
and read all of the past e-mails I have sent out. This is a web site that my brother, Chuck, compiled for me.

Please continue to pray for me in the following areas:

  • Praise God for the fact that my Brother, Chuck, has met his fund raising goal and is working to raise funds for other team members in his "Team in Training" challenge.
  • Praise God for the continued strength of my wonderful children, Michael and Emily.
  • Praise God for the fact that I am still here to write about my experiences and praise and worship him.
  • Pray that soon the ills with my body will be healed completely or at least enough for me to go home.
  • Pray for me that God continues to provide me with mental and spiritual strength to face each day with a positive and thankful attitude.

Love in Christ


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