Sunday, March 18, 2007

18 Mar 2007

To All,

Just a quick note to let you know how things stand for me. I now know the following:

  • My bowels are compacted
  • They had to remove my Peripheral Intravascular Central Catheter (PICC) (IV line in my arm that goes directly to my heart and has been in place since Sept-06) due to two issues
    • A Blood clot in my right shoulder
    • An infection in my blood and large intestine

  • I am now on antibiotics round the clock trying to mitigate the infection, which is draining me of all of my energy
  • If all goes well and my body can
    • rid it's self of the compaction
    • clear up the infection
    • allow them to install another PICC line into my left arm

  • I will be able to go home sometime Wednesday / Thursday 21 / 22 March

I had a wonderful visit from my lovely daughter on Sunday - it seems that Sunday is the only day I get to see her. I am always glad to have my children stop in to see me. Unfortunately, she had to leave early to make it back to the Church for music / choir practice. The truth is that I am proud she is in this, just that I miss her so much.

Please continue to pray for me, my family and the doctors and nurses regarding the issues above.

Love in Christ


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