Sunday, August 6, 2006

6 Aug 2006

To All,

We received many blessings this week, some by people calling to see how Cheryl was doing, those who stopped by, cards and get-well packages in the mail and many other things, all from our loving family - both physical and spiritual. Thank you so much, it really cheers Cheryl up.

Last week was a bit of a challenge as both Michael and then Emily came down with some type of virus and so we had to keep them segregated from Cheryl, that can be tough in one house. On Monday of last week Cheryl went to her scheduled clinic appointment where she received 1 unit of plattelets and 2 units of blood and they went ahead and performed the bone marrow biopsy.

On Tuesday, Cheryl started feeling sick and by Friday she was feeling very sick, ended the night with a fever, took some Tylenol and went to bed. Saturday the Doctor called and gave us the results of the bone marrow biopsy - The last Chemo Therapy treatment was able to make her about 70% better, but her bone marrow still contains some of the cancer cells. As such the Doctor wanted to start back with the Chemo Therapy again on Monday.

Well, Saturday night / Sunday morning (3:30 AM), Cheryl's fever was back with a vengeance and her whole body was not well. I called the Doctor and was told to bring her up right away. That is where she is right now - they admitted her and proceeded to give her a unit of platelets plus some additional antibiotics. They must get the fever in control and the infection (what ever it may be) before they can continue with the treatments.

We don't know how long she will be in this time, but will keep you all updated with her progress. Her room telephone number is (608) ###-####, her room number is B6/###, I don't have the rest of the address handy, but will send in the next update.

Please pray for Cheryl that:

1. She is healed by this treatment to the point that she can begin her next round of Chemo Therapy.
2. This next round of Chemo Therapy puts her cancer into remission once an for all time.
3. She maintains a solid base level of morale and that through your prayers, cards, letters, phone calls and visits it starts to climb back up.

Pray for the children, Emily & Michael that they regain their health and continue to be positive turning to the Lord for strength.

Pray for the Doctors that they will receive devine inspiration and intervention in Cheryl's cure.

Thank you all so much for the support over this long and arduous process. With out all of you and your support our journey would have been much harder.

Love in Christ

Gene - Cheryl Cummins

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