Tuesday, October 17, 2006

17 Oct 2006

To All,
GREAT NEWS!! The insurance has finally approved the next treatment process. Thank you, all you prayer warriors for staying the course and praying for me and the insurance company.

On Sunday, 22 October, Gene & I will drive up to Minneapolis, MN and meet up with my sister Sandy (a.k.a. - THE DONOR). Monday morning, 23 Oct, we both go to the doctors / clinic for testing, and then I will get a day of rest on Tuesday and be admitted to the Hospital to start Chemo Therapy on the 25. Finally, on 31 October, I will receive the transplant (they call it an infusion in Minnesota), and if I am a good girl - NO FEVERS OR OTHER MUTANT PROBLEMS- I will be discharged to outpatient care on 1 November.

I will be required to stay in Minneapolis, through November (NOT the 100 days that we were originally told), making daily trips to the Clinic to check my progress - with 24 hour care (none other than my loving husband). Again, if I am real good, I might get time off for good behavior.

Even though the waiting was a tremendous strain these past few days, I have still been able to see the Glory of God in all of this by the daily blessings that are happening in mine and my families lives for example:

  • Friends of Gene's at work have offered to stay with the Emily and Michael at our house while we are out of town.
  • Many people continue to bless us with meals, cards, words / prayers of inspiration, visits and more - all from the goodness of their hearts.
  • Being able to attend Sunday morning service (even though it is up in the balcony - I even get hugs up there).
  • Several of the men of church meeting with and praying for me, Gene and the kids.

I can't tell you what the outcome will be at the end of November or next year, but I know and believe that however this does turn out, TO GOD BE THE GLORY AND HONOR in all things.

Love in Christ

Cheryl and Family

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