Wednesday, October 25, 2006

25 Oct 2006

To All,

Hello from Minneapolis, MN. Nothing major, health related, to report at this time. However, God's blessings continue to flow, for example:

  • Sandy, my sister (a.k.a. "The DONOR"), was due to fly from Denver to Minneapolis on Sunday, on a flight provided by loving friends in our church. Our friend was watching the flights and on Friday called Sandy to say she should fly From Denver to O'Hare in Chicago otherwise she could be stuck in Dallas Fort Worth. So she flew in on Saturday and on Sunday road up with us to Minneapolis. What a blessing.
  • We booked a place for Gene, and later Gene & I, to stay at the Marriott Town Plaza at a special Hospital Rate for long term, very nice with two bedrooms a mini kitchen combo living room, shower ect. On Tuesday while waiting to go to the clinic to see the Doctor, our Social Worker at the hospital called and said an apartment opened up on campus and would we be interested? Well, I guess you know we snapped that up fast. Again, two bedrooms (with two beds each), nice big bath room, combo kitchen / living room with a "Recliner" for Gene!!! AT HALF THE PRICE and best of all only 5 to 6 blocks from the Hospital / Clinic, so Gene can just walk back to his room.

I was admitted to the hospital on schedule, Wednesday morning at 9 AM to start the Chemo at 8 pm and then daily for the next 5 days following. One thing the Doctor stated that is worth noting was the fact that my cancer is not truly in remission, but is in a state that is just right for this procedure (better, if I were in remission, but we take it as it comes).

Sandy is going to fly home on Thursday 26, October and returns Sunday 29, October to donate her cells on Tuesday.

That is all I know for now except that you can contact us via the following address and phone numbers:
Mailing Address:
Gene and/or Cheryl Cummins
Minneapolis, MN 55414

My Hospital Room Telephone Number:
(612) ###-####- my direct line into my room

Gene's Cell Phone Number:
(608) ###-#### [please note, that while Gene is in my room or on the floor of my wing, his cell phone must be turned off - no wireless appliances may be used. You can leave him a message and he will be stepping out to check periodically]

Love in Christ
Cheryl and family

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