Saturday, October 28, 2006

28 Oct 2006

To All,

Due to logistical issues Cheryl had to change rooms, as such, she now has a new direct dial telephone number:

(612) 273-0205

Sandy, "THE DONOR", is back home, Denver CO, just in time to play in 12-14 inches of snow. She went back home last Thursday to be with her two wonderful and beautiful daughters, who miss their mother.

Sandy will be returning on Sunday and donate on Tuesday.

Please pray for safe travels for Sandy both coming back and returning home and that God would keep her from getting ill between now and Tuesday.

Thank you for your e-mails and phone calls.

Please pray for:

1. This separation from my is very, very difficult.
2. Continued strength to carry on....I will be the first to say the constant poking, prodding and physical side effects from the various medications is, well let's just say I am about at my limit.
3. Praise for those who are back home helping with our children's needs.
4. Praise and prayer for the nurses and doctors here in Minneapolis, may Christ's love and salvation reach one and/or all of them through my actions and words.

That's all for now

God bless to all

Cheryl and family

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