Friday, May 11, 2007

11 May 2007

Hello to All,

What a beautiful day it is. As I sit here and look out my window seeing bright sunny, clear skies, I can almost feel the warmth of the day, Gene tells me it is in the high 70's / low 80's.

I will keep this e-mail brief, but to the point. After 11 days in the hospital I will be going home this evening, Friday, 11 May, in time for Mothers day. As you can imagine, I am thrilled with this news. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!

Gene has been working with the hospital staff and firm in Rockford making arrangements to hire someone to assist me while at home, starting on Tuesday (Monday and Thursday he will be taking me to clinic). This way, he can go back to work with confidence that I will be OK at home - (not to mention it was a requirment by the Doctors here or they wouldn't let me come home).

I am still very weak, but have been making good progress with the physical therapists (PT), at least they say I am. Gene will still need to take me to clinic, twice a week. I walk everyday at least twice a day and sometimes three or four times. In addition, I do a set of exercises, that PT assigned, each time I walk.

The doctors tell me it will be a very slow process for me to gain my strength back. Oh, yes, I did tell you about a fever the last time. Well, they found I had another infection, but this time they were able to identify it and attack it with specific antibiotics. Praise the Lord!

Also, they were finally able to figure out what is wrong with my left wrist. They say it is like tennis elbow only on my wrist, trust me when I tell you I am not here playing tennis. However, they have provided me with a brace and some pain medication that all in all makes it tolerable. They say that it will just take time and in the meantime try not to use it to much.

Maybe once I get home, some of you could come over to visit me, I have missed you all so much and would enjoy your company. Please call first to ensure that it is a day when I will be home and that I am feeling up for company.

I know that I have made it this far, only by the Grace of God and the prayers and kindness of all of you, people at Gene's work, people in Gene's Guard unit, my Christian brothers and sisters in my church, my family and those people that I have never met, who have reached out to us simply because they felt God calling them to help. I am forever humbled and thankful to all of you for how you have continued to stand by me and my family.

  • Praising God and giving Him thanks that I will once again get to go home to be with my children.
  • Praise God for giving the Doctors the insight to make me better than I was 11 days ago.
  • Pray that I will get to remain home for a long time and that I will recover quickly such that I don't need full time care.
  • Pray for my strength to increase daily.
  • Please continue to pray for me to be completely free of Leukemia and back to normal health either by Miraculous healing or through modern medicine.

Love in Christ


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