Friday, May 4, 2007

4 May 2007

To All,

Here it is Thursday, two days into another hospital stay. My ammonia levels have gone down, back up higher than when I was first admitted and back down again. The doctors are hopeful that they will get this under control soon. They are also talking about several items to help battle the ammonia as well as helping me get better, able to go home:
  1. They know that my liver is saturated with stored Iron, more than my body needs, caused by all the blood transfusion I have had in the past. To fight this, they are going to give me a new medication called, Desferroxamine, that will bind to the iron and help it to leave my body. This will help my liver to function better and possibly help reduce the ammonia. The IV drip will run between 10 - 12 hours and will need to continue for the next two to three months. They like to run it at night.
  2. The have me working with a physical therapist who has been in two days in a row. She has helped me to know how to use my cane while walking or going up stairs. In addition, she provided several exercise routines for me to perform two to three times a day. The doctors want to set me up with a physical therapist at home to continue to work with me and build up my strength.
  3. The Doctors have insisted that in order for me to go home, I must have 24 hour a day adult care provided. Gene and I are working with them to come up with a plan / idea on how to achieve this.
  4. The physical therapist also provided me with a few ideas on how to make my home more user friendly.

As much as I wanted Gene to stay the night again with me up here, he had to go home and take Michael to the doctor. The poor boy didn't feel well and as it turned out he has a sinus infection and possibly Strep throat. The doctor gave Michael an antibiotic that would take care of both, to cover the basis.

Now today, Gene is back with me, while some of the church ladies are at our house working with Emily to clean it from top to bottom. What a blessing it is to have godly women not only help clean my house but provide spiritual up lifting to my lovely daughter.

If the Doctors can get this ammonia thing under control and back to normal, if the physical therapist can get my strength back to a sufficient level and if Gene can arrange for Twenty Four hour care (for the times he is not at home), then just maybe the doctors will allow me to come home in the early to middle part of next week.

Please pray and praise for the following:

  • That God would place his healing hand on my son Michael and allow him to get better in time to come visit me...I miss my children and when they can come and visit me it helps the time to pass.
  • That God would be with Emily as she studies for up coming Advanced Placement exams, five I think, beginning on Monday. I know she is studying hard for them, but may God give her the confidence.
  • A special blessing for all of you who have been so faithful in praying and sacrificing for me and my families behalf.
  • Praise that it appears there is still hope that I will over come this...what with all the talk of sending me home.
  • That God would work with in me to accept the needed help at home and that Gene working with others will be able to find the right person or persons to help in his absence.
  • That I would continue to work hard in rebuilding my strength and not get side tracked by any more trips to the Hospital.
  • Finally, that God would be able to use me in any way that he sees fit to spread his blessed message of salvation, and no matter what the end is I will accept it with joy and thanks giving in my heart.

It has been exceedingly hard these past few days to loose so much control over my muscles, my speech and my mind. To have so many people do so many of the basic things for and / to me. I pray for the strength to return that I can again at least be able to go about the room / house with out assistance or a cane, that soon I will stop missing so many of my children's events. I would dearly love to be able to invite so many of you over to my house again and cook for you all, my way of saying thank you (simple I know), but mostly to enjoy one another's company.

May God give me the patience to heal and regain such that I can enjoy these things again.

Love in Christ


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