Friday, August 11, 2006

11 Aug 2006

To All,

Cheryl has come up with a great idea...for all of you who are willing and able / available we ask that on Saturday, 12 AUG, at six pm, you stop what ever you are doing and right in your current place pray and call upon God, collectively, to place his healing hands upon her.

I left the hospital last night to head home, Cheryl feeling tired and a minor fever - but she had a good day. When I returned this morning the nurses told me she had another rough night of fevers (104), but she was still glad to see me.

The doctors made there rounds this morning around 11:30 (after the early morning rounds), to tell Cheryl and I the following:

They haven't yet determined the cause of her infection, but there is an off chance the fevers could be caused by one of the Antibiotic medicines. Highly unlikely, but as a precaution they were going to replace her current Anti-Biotics with others.

In addition, they told us we had a decision to make due to the fact that Cheryl's cancer cells are growing again and have multiplied more than what they were two/three weeks ago. They said we had the following options:

1. Begin the Chemo Therapy immediately with the known risks that her body still has the infection which could allow for additional complications. They would use a new drug, I don't recall the name, but it has a high risk of damaging her liver among other side effects or may have no side effects at all and this drug may or may not work.

- OR -

2. Go home and focus on the important things with what time she would have left (two weeks to 2 months).

Please decide this in the next two to three hours as we need to get started on your Chemo ASAP.

I guess you know we chose to stay and fight the good fight - Cheryl wants to live!!!!

We believe in the soverignity of God and trust in his plan. Either way what has happened and what ever the out come we know it will result in glory for God our loving father.

(P.S. - I haven't had a chance to speak to the kids (Emily & Michael) about this yet so please don't say anything to them about this until Sunday.

Love In Christ our savior

Gene & Cheryl

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