Friday, August 25, 2006

25 Aug 2006

To All,

What a glories testimony to the love of God, power of prayer and the power of those who have been praying.

I had the Bone Marrow Biopsy on Tuesday, 22 AUG, and as I was recieving plattelets on Thursday, 24 AUG, and got the results back. The tests show no signs of cancer cells. While the Doctors are reluctant to state the cancer is in remission yet, I believe that God has heard your prayers and performed this miracle.

The plan now is to continue with the chemotherapy, which they will be hooking up to me in just a few minutes. I once again ask that you continue to pray for me such that the chemotherapy is not as hard on me this time as it was last. It is a chemical called Mylotarg and the same one that brought me to the point of extreme pain.

The doctors haven't spoken to us yet about future plans, but we believe that it will go something like this:

1. Complete this Chemotherapy today.
2. Go home and remain there healing for about two to three weeks (returning to the hospital every other day for either plattelets or blood transfusions or perhaps both.
3. Another bone marrow biopsy to determine what effect the last Chemotherapy had and to see what type of cells my body is producing (in other words am I still cancer free).
4. If the answer to 3 above is yes then on to another round of Chemotherapy and then the Stem Cell transplant - from my sister Sandy (she is truley a blessing in my life).

We covet your prayers in everyway. We firmly believe that without the prayers of our friends and family we would not be seeing the success we have enjoyed to date.

Thank you and God Bless

Gene & Cheryl

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