Saturday, August 26, 2006

26 Aug 2006

To All,

The power of prayer and God's blessings never cease to amaze me. Friday, I completed the Chemotheropy of the Mylotarg, the chemical that made me so physically ill the last time I received it, with out a single complication, even the nurses and Doctors were amazed. I know that it was due to all the prayers and Gods intercession. Thank you one and all.

I am still in the hospital and will be possibly through next Tuesday. The reason is that they did determine that I have a bacterial infection in my blood. I had a fever and chills within an hour of checking into the hospital Thurs. night. The pic line (a permenant high volume - I V line) had an in fection in both lines and it had spread to my blood. They removed the pic line and have been using iv's which means a lot more poking-ouch! The blood has to be clear 24 hours and no fevers before they will put another line in. At that time they will do ultrasounds to determine the current status of the blood clots where previous pic lines have been.

Once home we will have to continue the antibiotic via the new pic line for about 10 more days. God's timing is great. We would of not found the infection in the blood in such a timely manor had I not checked into the hosptial that Thursday night. i was not wanting to check in until the next day. OK I was more like kicking and screaming on the way to be admitted. But it has been good to be here on these nice rainy days that you just want to sleep anyway. Another bit of good news is that you usually feel the worst after chemo when your blood counts are their lowest.. I am currently there so it is all uphill from here!

Please pray:
That the blood infection clears quickly
that the last round of chemo did it's job and cleared the rest of the Leukemia
That the kids will continue to do as well as they have been.
Pray for strength for Gene as he deals with things at home as well as at the hospital

Thanks for praying

Cheryl for the Cummins

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