Wednesday, August 9, 2006

9 Aug 2006

To All,

We have wept and rejoiced the past few days as we have read the e-mails, cards, letters of encouragement and endured.

Monday, during the day, Cheryl needed more blood and Platelettes and her fevers would not abate but went up and down or hovered at a respectable level. Late Monday night they were so bad that the medical staff considered putting Cheryl in intensive care.

God heard her plight and prayers for rest and on Tuesday even though her fevers of up to 104 didn't go away, they were able to give her some medicine that finally allowed her to sleep and help with the rash that covered the majority of her body (This particular rash didn't itch - another blessing from God). She slept almost the entire day and I took all her calls, she didn't feel like talking to anyone.

I arrived on Wednesday morning to a woman that was at least smiling and had better skin color and Sitting up in bed. The doctors were very pleased with her progress, especially after a night of changing the bed sheets and her pajamas 4 times due to fevers rising and breaking causing her to sweat profusely (oh, wait, women don't sweat, the glow) or rather glow profusely.

She was very alert and talkative to some dear friends of ours, that came to visit us from Kansas. She is now eating at least half of her meal.

They are giving her about 4 liters of fluid a day plus three antibiotics, an anti-fungal to protect against bacterial pneumonia and the blood thinners (for the blood clots - they will her have on these for approx 2-3 months), a pain medicine (oxycodone) and Tylenol as needed.

We are not yet over the hump on these fevers, but we both believe she has made progress all a direct result of your prayers. Thank you, but don't stop now - we need you to keep praying.

Once all of the fever and infection (no one knows what kind) are gone then they will plan for the next round of Chemotherapy, which with Gods blessing, will eradicate the remaining cancer cells and take us one step closer to the next (and final we pray) stem cell transplant.

As you pray for Cheryl, and our family, we ask that you leave time to pray for others like Matt Noble, Betty Alexander and others of our church family as their needs are just as important.

In Gods Name and Love

Gene & Cheryl

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