Tuesday, August 29, 2006

29 Aug 2006

To All,

Gene left for home Monday, 28 AUG, with the intention of returning on Tuesday, 29 AUG, to take me home. The specific requirements to allow that to happen had been to be bacteria free for 24 hours and then they would put my Pic Line (IV port) back in and send me on my way. Well, it would appear that God has other ideas, very contrary to mine.

Monday evening I started in with chills and the fevers came throughout the night - upwards of 103+. The Doctors, with that little bit of information decided to extend my stay for a couple of more days. I am not certain why God would want me here longer, but it would appears that He does. I told the Doctor that the least he could do was get me a Pizza - I've had enough of this hospital food - you see, as I reflected back I began to realize I have spent almost the entire month of August in the Hospital.

Well, if all goes well and I can stop the fevers I may get to come home in a day or two. Gene will still need to administer an antibiotic through the IV line, at home, for a period of two weeks. I, of course, will need to make sure I stay away from anyone / anything remotely sick as again I don't have an immune system.

We don't know what other wonderful travel plans the Doctors have in mind for us at this point, in the past Gene had to bring me back every other day, to the clinic. We will find this out soon enough.

I do know that I am missing my children and my home terribly. I also know that my children are missing me being at home with them.

Please pray that I will stabilize soon, enough for them to send me home until I must return again.

Thanks for praying

Cheryl and the rest of the Cummins family.

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