Sunday, February 12, 2006

12 Feb 2006

Dear Friends and Family;

It is now Sunday evening, 12 FEB 2006, nine days since the Stem Cell Transplant, and eighteen days after admission for this final round.

On Saturday and again on Sunday, our Doctor stated something we have known all along; he said that the care and medication that they have provided to Cheryl doesn't explain her current state of healing, following a Stem Cell Transplant. In fact, he stated that her success in overcoming the painful side effects has been due to people praying for her.

WE know the power of prayer, and now you do as well, even the nurses and doctors tell us that it is amazing how well Cheryl looks and how she is making it through this difficult and painful time.

Here is Cheryl's current condition:

1. She still gets very tired during the day
2. Her mouth and throat are covered with soars making it difficult to eat and talk, but she still forces herself to do both (the doctor said it is rare that someone in her condition hasn't had to be fed via tube)
3. She has had two units of platelets and one of blood - again fairly normal

Please pray for quick healing of the soars in her mouth and throat.

Just for the record, visitors are welcome as long as Cheryl abides by the following:

1. All visitors must be healthy
2. Cheryl is required to have two naps per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon (sounds like a good requirement for many of us)

Our family and church still is a witness to many through the cards, letters, posters, packages and visits that Cheryl has recieved both at the hospital and at our home. The people at the hospital and at my work are amazed at how many people are reaching out to help us and starting to ask questions, starting to want to belong to a group of people that care so much. Please continue caring for us and others in our church, family and your neighborhood, others are watching.

May God bless you and your family through Cheryl's suffering and may we join together in the near future to rejoice in his healing touch, Grace and Majesty.

Gene & Cheryl

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