Thursday, February 9, 2006

9 Feb 2006

Hello to All;

In case any of you were wondering, God is answering your prayers for Cheryl as everything is moving forward as expected, no surprises like the times before. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Well, as of 03 Feb 2006, Stem Cell Transplant date, things have been going pretty normal, progressively getting worse, as expected. This is what I mean:

1. She has little energy
2. She is starting to get sores in her mouth and throat
3. As of today it is becoming increasingly difficult for her to swallow and she can only swallow liquids without discomfort.
4. Her tongue is swollen and her mouth is dry - so she has a hard time talking
5. As of this afternoon her fever peaked to the point where they take action, X-Rays, blood work and anti-biotics.

Again all this is very normal, difficult, but normal. Per the doctor, they expect Cheryl will continue to spiral downward until she bottoms out on Saturday or Sunday.

Her week started out with joy, by getting to visit from Emily and Michael and spending time with both of them two days in a row. In the middle of the week Cheryl received some hand made get well cards from her Sunday school children, very pretty. The nurses do love these cards as well. They look every bit as pretty as the valentines she got from the Awana kids. Once again Cheryl has won the best decorated, most loved patient room hands down. We did have a bit of excitement this week when on Wednesday, Cheryl received a package from the Church which held a "Shadow Buddy". It is a doll that resembles Cheryl in remarkable ways.

1. Little to no hair
2. Pretty Blue eyes
3. A hickman (IV in her chest)
4. The all essential naval (or belly button)
Oh yes and of course the matching "FLASHERS" hospital gown.

The nurses just loved this doll and we were the first on our hospital wing to have one. Thank you.

Cheryl has guests coming on Friday, Pastor Alhberg and his lovely wife Pat (better than me, her same old husband!!!). She is currently up for visitors with the following requests:
1. Only one set of visitors per day - for now, she just gets to tired.
2. Please ensure that you are not sick or haven't been sick for sometime.

Cheryl has no immune system and needs to be careful.

Thank you all for the lovely meals, cards and other helps you have provided me and my family. Some of the church body even invited the kids over to spend the night. This really helps with morale. Thanks again.


Gene & Cheryl

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