Sunday, February 19, 2006

19 Feb 2006

Greetings One and All,

It is now the 25th day since I entered the hospital and the 16th day subsequent to the Stem Cell Transplant.

The mouth sores are almost completely gone and my mouth feels better than my throat. I am beginning to be able to swallow with less difficulty, not yet able to eat much besides Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup, Jell-O and / or Cream of Wheat.

The White Blood Cells, the body's defensive agent to fight internal infections, are slow to come in and my Platelet count and Red Blood Cells, were going up and down, but have now stabilized (again below what I need). The Doctor said it is now a waiting game, waiting for my body, specifically the blood producing part of my body, to kick in to gear.

As a sign of progress, I start taking my medications orally again on Monday. This is also another stepping stone brining me closer to my eventual release.

My brother is hear for the weekend, spending time with the Kids while Gene stays up at the hospital with me. My sister, the "Stem Cell Donor", was completely healed within approx 36 - 48 hours after donation. Unfortunately she couldn't come to see me this weekend, as was the plan, because she was feeling sick and didn't want to risk exposing me or Gene and the kids. Please pray for her that God's healing hand would be on her and her family. I know my illness has really taken a toll on her and her family (with her coming to help me so often).

Please pray for healing for Emily, she may have a sinus infection.

Thank you for the meals, I hear the food has been very good.

For the present that really sums it up...we must just wait on the Lord and in his time he will heal me.

I will send more when I have more. Thanks again for the countless cards and e-mails from each of you, it really lifts my spirits to read the heart felt thoughts and/or keep up on what is happening on the outside.


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