Thursday, February 16, 2006

16 Feb 2006

Dear Friends and family,

It is snowing beautifully here. It snowed a little last night, but today it is really snowing. It is so pretty.

I am feeling well. I had my last shot that makes my mouth and throat sore Tues. I didn't feel well yesterday.

The Doctor and Nurses are amazed with how well I am healing.

I believe the sores in my mouth and throat are begining to subside, the swelling in my cheeks is deminishing as well. They are still giving me transfusions, blood and Plattlets, waiting for my body to start making it's own. We hope any day now.

Gene just made it to the hospital and said the roads are crazy, it took him about 1 hour and 45 minutes and saw several vehicles off in the ditch.

Keep Gene and the kids in your thoughts and prayers tonight as the furnace broke down yesterday, but they couldn't get the parts to fix it until Friday morning. Gene said it was the Heat Exchanger that they had to replace.

The Doctor is very positive that I will get to go home by the end of February, provided everything stays on course.

Thank you for all the wonderful cards and notes, they are such a joy.

I will send out more of an update when we have one.

Love in Christ


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