Monday, February 27, 2006

27 Feb 2006

To All,

On Sunday at 5:35 PM Cheryl arrived home after being in the UW Madison Hospital 31 days. Cheryl and family were moved to tears rejoicing her return. It was not certain that she would be allowed to come home, but after discussions with the doctor, myself and Cheryl it was decided that home would probably be best.

The current issue that almost prevented Cheryl from coming home is:

1. No appetite, thus not ingesting enough calories to fuel her body's needs.
2. Not retaining fluid, her body was releasing the fluids as fast as they could get them into her either via drinking and/or IV
3. Unstable blood pressure - her blood pressure would drop by as much as 50% from when she was laying down (fairly normal at this position) to standing. This would lead to dizziness, and once she almost passed out and fell again.

For her to be home the Doctor requires:
1. An adult to be with her 24 hours a day for the next several weeks to watch over her and help keep her safe.
2. Home Health nurse to visit two - three times per week to check on her conditions.
3. The adult in # 1 (that's Gene), to learn how to administer IV's that contain a magnesium supplement.
4. She will be going back to clinic twice a week starting Tuesday 28 February.
5. On Friday - Cheryl will be going back for a bone marrow biopsy, the first since the Stem Cell Transplant, to find out the results of the transplant.

If you would like to come visit Cheryl at our home (Cheryl would be thrilled to see you) please mind the following:
1. Please call first to confirm the time you would like to visit.
2. Ensure you haven't recently been or are not currently sick.

Our home phone number is 815-624-0572.

Please pray for Cheryl and family in the following areas:

1. Cheryl's blood pressure to equalize / normalize
2. Cheryl to be able to get back her appetite
3. Cheryl's bone marrow biopsy to come back with all positive results - "Total and Complete Remission"
4. Gene's job to continue to allow him to work from home to cover Cheryl's needs. - They have been extremely patient and supportive to date.
5. Us as a family - there are many changes that each must accept and they say it will take up to a year for Cheryl to fully recover her strength / stamina / health.

Above all else, we value and cherish your prayers and know that God is present with us everyday.

Thank you

Gene - Cheryl & Family

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