Saturday, February 4, 2006

4 Feb 2006

To All,

This has been a week of miracles. First God blesses us with the fact that Cheryl's sister, Sandy was a match and not just a match, but 100% match (which the doctor said is rare). He blessed us with a good day for the Stem Cell Transplant. The process came off without a hitch. Cheryl is very tired, weak and she has trouble with her stomach.

Her spirits are very high. We know who to thank, we thank all of you, for it is by your prayers and suplications that God has blessed Cheryl and the rest of our family so.

Please continue to pray for her sister Sandy, she has recovered from the strenous excercise of donating her Prescious Stem Cells, but she must now travel back home to her husband and two small girls. We have been very thankful to have her here and can never express in words our true feelings regarding her most precious gift, given freely and with love.

The doctor is happy with Cheryl's progress, but has said that the next eight days will be her biggest challenge physically. Please pray that God will grant her the strength to see this ordeal through to the end and remain as steadfast his servant as she was before this started and is today.

Thank you for the wonderful meals, cards and gifts all given in love.

Once again the Nurses have voted Cheryl's room the most decorated and her the most loved patient on this floor. In fact, they fight over who gets to take care of her, mostly due to her spirit through all of this.

We covet your prayers now and forever.

In Gods Love

Gene & Cheryl and family

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